Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last day in Sydney: final note

I'm flying back to KL in 7 hours. I will have to wake up in about 4 hours, and here I am, wide awake.

I blame the weather. We arrive Tuesday morning and it was nice & cozy. However, last few days it's been a wee bit too warm for my liking.

Sydney has stayed pretty much the same since 1999, albeit some minor changes. I managed to to catch up with a few friends, two of whom got married in 2003 and are now blessed with 2 beautiful girls.

I also managed to go around Sydney as a tourist since I first came here in 1996. Wifey was right to point out that I hardly travelled around Sydney- guess I'm not that adventurous. I just like to stick around my uni, have my north indian butter chicken, pizza & ice cream, and occasionally visit Chinatown for Penang Sar Hor Fun.  Incidentally, the pizza joint in Newtown I used to patron for pizzas & chocolate ice cream and the Malaysian Chinese restaurant in Chinatown are no longer there. Even Sydney Christian Life Centre, my home church in Sydney, is now a part of Hillsongs Church.

I still love the busses & trains, and how friendly most Aussies are to tourists. If only we can have a bit of sensible infrastructure planning & courtesy.

Sydney is still my favourite place to migrate to, if given the opportunity. Funny thing is, I would have stayed back after my graduation if not for my rebound GF then. Imagine what kind of life it would have been; I reckon there would be no GX or performing arts for me here. Defintely I would not have met Wifey.

Still not sure what the point of this entry is. Perhaps I just want to put my thoughts down in words before I get lazy to write. 

I've had my fair bit of good & bad memories during my 2 1/2 year stay in Sydney. I'm glad that this time I'm bringing back just good memories shared with wifey.

Maybe I'll come back again one day:)

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