Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where do we go from here?

"Today is the beginning of a new era, the end of the Malaysian Girls pageant..."

How true it was for the cast on 15 January 2012. After spending 4 months together, it was time to say goodbye and move on to other things. So what has been happening since? Well, a few girls are getting themselves busy preparing for other shows!

BB(JJ Adams), Alexis(Tracy Starr), Anrie(Lin Lin), Sandee(Cassandra Lee), basically dived into another production. BB is currently rehearsing for "Boom" which will debut on 17 Feb, whille the other 3 are rehearsing for "Dead Man's Cell Phone", premiering  on 14 Mar, both at klpac. Interestingly, Sandee is also perparing for the restaging of "Shakespeare Demystified: The Merchant of Venice" at penangpac on 8 Mar. How she can rehearse for 2 plays at the same time is beyond me...

Amanda(Daphne Wong) was supposed to be in "Dead Man's Cell Phone" but somehow she dropped out - not sure what she's up to next but she was involved in "Relationship Status" which ended its run at selected TGV cinemas yesterday. If you didn't see it, it's your loss!

Freddy(Gucci Lim) has also started rehearsing for "Corporal PUNishment" as the director/writer. This should be a crazy show not to be missed. Who would want to miss Gucci Lim's first paid show as a director?

Tabitha(Serenity Billion) is probably taking a rest before starting her rehearsal for the restaging of "The Last Five Years" with Jon Chew, which should happen in June 2012. Probably the same for Aminda(Natasha B) has she has "Platform" slotted for May 2012. The same with Siti Farah(Jasmine Hibiscus), who will probably be involved in Kelvin Wong's last "Indicinelive!" in June/July.

Shiva(Rani) is in New York City auditioning for her Masters of Fine Arts. Hopefully I won't be seeing her soon. Character-wise, she was my favourite Malaysian Girl:)

Aliaa(Shakila Waheeda), the baby of the cast, is performing her umrah at the moment. Which means, I'll have to call her Hajjah Aliaa when I see her again. Hopefully she will be doing more shows and not stop here. She has much potential.

Pooja(Padma Padmavati) is in Singapore pursuing her studies and it will be a while before she steps onto stage again. Oh well, at least she is happy with her boyfriend there.

Aanantha(Ray Sanjay) is back on the airwaves with THR Raaga, Zoe(Sydney Belle) just came from Thailand celebrating her birthday, and Amelia(Charyse Devine) is probably preparing for Tapis Rouge Comedy Night : THE PLAYGROUND! which is happening on 31 Jan. Amelia was also the assistant director for "Relationship Status", by the way.

All 15 cast members accounted for... except yours truly(Bata Tan) & Mrs yours truly(Miss Lim). While I've started my new job as club manager in Gorgeous Fitness Bandar Puteri, she is in the process of handing over her job to her successor. However that doesn't mean we are not gonna be shaking our legs for 2012. More or less, we will be involved in Short + Sweet 2012, unless we have a paid production to do during the period of Sept./Oct. I sort of have 2 other projects in hand but I have not heard anything from the producer since we spoke in Dec 2011. Maybe I should give him a call....

Also, this weekend we'll be going to a closed audition for "Paper Crane", another Joe Hasham musical. While I am not particularly jumping with joy to do another Joe Hasham musical(dah basi!), I would, however, be excited if I can play a lead role for a change. It would be even better if we both can play the lead roles:)

Year 2011 has been great for both of us and hopefully 2012 will be even more interesting as we step out of our comfort zones and make some changes.

Oh, to those who are surprised, shocked, disappointed or upset that I am now working with the competitor, I only have this message for you:


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