Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Not-really-a-review": Relationship Status

Today wifey & I finally got the chance to see this: 

We almost had to give this a miss due to Malaysian Girls run in Penang but TGV decided to extend its run til 25 Jan 2012. 

Before I give my take on the movie, let me start by saying that it is a good movie to watch with so many intertwined story lines. While some were more interesting than others, writer/producer/director Khairil M Bahar successfully connected the dots and everything makes sense, but not every story has a clear ending.

If there is a main story, then I would say that it the Gavin/Davina story. It is about 2 people who are in a relationship that is not clearly defined. Things are made complicated as Davina's Anna has a past that is stopping them from moving forward. I think both actors did well and they look good as a couple. However, I would say Tony & Daphne looked the best together as a divorced couple in this movie. I also like that their story ends with a phone conversation that indicates perhaps their marriage can have a 2nd chance.

Another story has fellow Malaysian Girls alumni Amanda Ang playing a girl whose bf just popped the big question. Unfortunately, May has a little bit of problem with the bf's bitchy sister, played by Adeline Ong, my director from Bars & Bedrooms. It's fun to see people you know acting in a movie and I find Adeline's line about how can one be successful in the film industry to be quite true for the theatre scene as well. (If I can earn a living by doing theatre, I would've quitted my job immediately!) Other stories include: a woman who found out by accident that her husband is flirting around online, a woman who is mourning the death of her husband, and a girl who realized that her bf may not be that compatible.

It is kind of cool watching 4-5 people I know acting in a movie. Khai's cameo was fun to watch and I wish I could see more of his story!

While I like the movie as a whole, some parts to me were a little draggy. Also, I don't think Pete Teo is old enough to play Adeline's dad and his character comes across like a chinese mafia when he was dealing with his family - maybe I still haven't forgotten him from Nasi Lemak 2.0, I don't know...

Do go catch it as it is currently showing in selected TGV cinemas.

Congrats to our local boys & girls!

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