Saturday, December 03, 2011


Just came back from KLUE, DOH! and boy it was very interesting to watch!

A couple of months back during S+S Malaysia Musical, Jon told me that he would be in this "whodunnit" play where the audience would be split into 2 groups to watch 2 separate rooms within the same play. After intermission, the audience would then swap room to see the other side of the play to get the whole story. I was sold by then and was hoping to catch it. And I almost missed it!!!

You see, as I have Malaysian Girls rehearsals almost every evening, and I found out that about a month back that there was no rehearsal on 2 Dec and it would be the only evening to run BC50 tuition. It was later that I found out that 2 Dec was also the only day I could watch KLUE, DOH! as I would be at the rehearsals or performing as well on their other show nights. But since I have already set the date for tuition, I thought I would have to give it a miss. However last week, I realized that only 2-3 instructors signed up for the tuition. So I cancelled the tuition and asked the instructors to join the other tuition instead... And I am so glad I get to watch this play!!!

Unlike conventional plays, you actually need to see the 2 perspectives of the play before you are able to get to the bottom of this murder mystery. If you just watch one perspective, you will be left scratching your head wondering who the killer is. If you sit through both perspectives, regardless of where you are, everyone will get to find out who the killer is at the same time!

I think the play was well executed and I salute the cast for their effort. The cast are on stage 90% of the time as when they leave one room, they are actually going to the other room to perform. This also means that in order for the audience to see both perspectives, the actors have to perform the same thing twice every night!

Acting wise was good, with a few standouts; I thought Anne James was fantastic!! Overall, it is exactly what the producer wanted to achieve- to offer theatre-goers not just a play but an experience.
I highly recommend that you watch it at MAP Solaris. For more info on the play, head on to their FB event page.

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