Monday, October 24, 2011

S+S Musical: Tweet About It

Last few weeks have rather interesting. Besides attending the Malaysian Girls rehearsals as the assistant stage manager, I am also involved in the annual Short + Sweet Festival Malaysia as a performer in the musical & theatre categories. So let's start with the musical then:)

Attending auditions is one thing,.. to be offered anything sort of depends on your luck I guess. I am fortunately offered a part in a simple straight forward musical called "Tweet About It". Actually wifey was offered the lead in the same musical, but I encouraged her to accept the other offer which was more challenging as a performer. You can read about her experience here.

My role in this is a small one, so it's kinda stress free compared to other productions I've participated in.  It's also a great to make new friends too. Check out our pictures, courtesy of DustyHawk.

Apart from the opening night, we performed to a packed house for the other 3 nights. It was a fun experience to do this. While most of the plays were either okay or very good, there were a couple that I didn't like(I watched the video taping). Well, I now know who to avoid in next year's musical:-)

Overall "Tweet About It" did okay- our supporting actress Sachie won the Festival Director's award for her performance and so we didn't go home empty handed. Big winers were "A Taste Of Love", "My Prince Will Come" and wifey's "Oriental Takeout". Wifey also took home Best Actress Award for her role as the prostitute. Was I happy? Well, to be honest, the husband part was very proud of wifey's performance but the actor part was envious that I didn't get something more I can work with.Eventually this led me to my re-involvement in S+S Theatre which I had pulled out from earlier... but that's another blog entry:-)

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