Monday, September 26, 2011

Priorities in Life

Have been thinking lately on my priorities. It's interesting to note that priorities change as we age:)

When I was a little boy, my priority was to watch my daily cartoon at 5pm- not sure if the current TV scheduling is still the same, though. One of the memories of my childhood was my mom telling me to take a short nap at 4pm and wake up at 15 minutes before the show.

As a teenager, I would say my priority was sort of more religious- attending saturday youth service(Inter School Christ's Ambassadors or ISCA) and getting involved in church activities,especially Christmas & Easter shows. While I did ok in school, I was never the studious type as some of my friends were.

By the time I hit late-teen, I started focusing my time & energy on my first gf. We were quiet inseparable, which, in hindsight, was not a healthy thing. The relationship became quite exclusive to the point that I began to alienate my buddies.

Early 20s saw me doing my studies in Sydney, Australia. My priorities then were more of less to explore & learn from this new world beyond my own country. Yeah, I fell in love with someone I shouldn't have & suffered one of the worst heartaches in my life, but that too was a learning experience.

Back from Australia, it was more about finding a job than pursuing a career. What do I really know what I wanted to do right? I thought I did when I enrolled to study government & industrial relations. I came back at the time when Malaysia was still recovering from recession. As much as I wanted to stay in Penang, I couldn't find a job that I want. Eventually I landed in KL and got my first job as a management trainee in Padini. The proudest moment in my time there was together with 10-13 newbies like me, we opened the first 10 PDI outlets across Peninsular Malaysia.

Anyhow, I've digressed. After a couple of other jobs, I sort of missed out a bit on my priorities. I can't recall much at the moment but if I really have to pinpoint something that was constant then, it would be about spending time at home with parents & reconnecting with my friends. Oh yeah, I was back working in Penang for a while.

By mid 2000s, I was back in KL. By then, my priorities was perhaps pursuing my hobby in GX as a part timer &  also establishing my relationship with then-gf(now wife). The hobby turned in a job/career and this is where I am now career-wise.

Then I got married and that triggered a fabric of events; Spending time with wife was getting more important. Pursuaded by wife to attend audition for a musical. Finding a new hobby after my old hobby has become a job.

So what is next?

I am interested to find out as well:)

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Danny Boy said...

Firstly, you still blog? Not bad! :) Mine's barely surviving... I guess, I am spending more time living life than blogging about it. Though I should continue doing it cos it is helpful to reflect on life sometimes.

Secondly, I saw your first GF a couple of days ago. she looked... old and tired. :( Funny how life turns out... some bright sparks fizzled out faster than others I guess. :/

Anyway, keep on blogging and I'll come to read it once in awhile. I wish we can meet for mahjong again though. Take care and see you soon.