Wednesday, December 03, 2008

终於学会用中文字写部落 a.k.a. November Recap


已经差不多三个星期没有写了。那这几个星期里发生什麽呢?简单来说, 应付一个很无聊的人。其实,原本是一个小事情。但是,有些自大的人就是要无事生有,把事情越搞越大,弄到大家都不高兴。到最后,吃亏的又不是我... 所以我说那个人很无聊, 而且令我觉得那个人很幼稚。

OK, enough of mandarin for the day...

FF IOI Mall saw quite a lot of activities over the last few week in conjunction with the club's relaunch. One of the things we had was our Nov special Belly Dancing classes. Overall response for the class was good... now the headache is how to slot Belly Dancing into the regular schedule:)

We also had the special Freestyle Step with ABBA's music on Thurs 13 Nov, taught by Jeremy and Steven.

Dancing Queens....

Mamma Mia... here they go again!

Then the last week of November was quite an eventful week, with 3 events happening. First, we had a special GX INVASION NIGHT on 25 November with a couple of GX managers guest teaching the classes in the club. The response was fantastic with BODYBALANCE, BODYSTEP, BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT classes getting very good numbers.

Aubrey & Eric T

Aubrey, Jason K and Janis

Jacqueline Wong, our Regional Trainer

BODYATTACK with Jackson P

Jackson P in action

Jacqueline's BODYBALANCE

Sharon did RPM with me

Jason K and Aubrey getting ready to pump it


Last class of the night- BODYCOMBAT with Cheng

2 days later, it was Retro Extravaganze BODYJAM with Ayzei and Juwita.

Why do they always end up with the same pose?

Ready to jive it with the ladies

Finally, we ended November with a special 90-min BODYCOMBAT Muay Thay Challenge with Janis, Cheng and me teaching on Sunday 30 Nov at 1.40pm. No pics for this one was response also was good with 35 people attending the class. Was it tough? I think it could've been harder... but Janis did complain of sore legs on Monday night.

So what's coming in December?

Les Mills Q4 Launch coming to Fitness First 23 - 28 December 2008. Coming celebrate the last few days of 2008 with a BANG!!!