Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ad:Become an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor

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Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Course Aims:

Advanced group training builds on the Foundations of Group Fitness Training, and gives previously licensed group training instructors the possibility to further develop their subject, as well as specialising in other subjects they find of interest.

Teaching methods:

Teaching will be in the form of lectures, group work, demonstration, work in the gymnasium, observation with complementary, private studies assignments and task coaching.
The module consists of both theory and practical work. Theoretical knowledge is bound throughout to the practical instruction exercises. It is expected that participants acquire certain areas of knowledge under their own initiative.

The course prepares participants for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness Instructor certification exam.

Course Description:

The 45-hour Group Fitness Instructor course is made up of five modules as follows:

· Professional Conduct covers the scope of practice, the role and responsibilities of the Group Fitness Instructor, ethical behaviour for instructors, critical issues of professional practice and business and regal considerations for the instructors.

· Applied Exercise Science includes fundamental knowledge of human movement, including anatomy, biochemical, kinesiology and nutrition.

· Participant Consultation explores the instructor role in encouraging participant to start and stick exercise programmes through health screening, fitness appraisal and goal setting.

· Principles and Methods of Training provides guidelines for exercise program design, teaching a group exercise class, adherence and motivation, disabilities and health limitations for each area and physical adaptations to training. Proper form, instruction and spotting techniques are also covered.

· Programme Design and Implementation reviews exercise principles and methods for designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating safe and effective exercise programmes for pregnancy as well as exercise safety, injury prevention and emergency procedures.

GX instructors who are interested to develop and go further in the industry should really give this a try. Even members who feel like learning more can go as well. The good news is there is a sneak preview this Saturday 20 Dec 2008(sorry, can't remember the time).

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For more info, please call 03-77260030 and speak to the staff there.