Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Last Tuesday I asked him to cover my BODYATTACK class at The Curve as I was(still am) experiencing hamstrings muscle ache(from doing stiff leg deadlifts). As I wanted to collect my BODYATTACK certificate(yes, I'm a certified BODYATTACK instructor now) and also personally inform the members I couldn't teach, I went to the club anyway.

As I was sitting outside the studio watching him teaching the class, they were really having such a good time working out.... and I had this feeling of jealousy.

As I walked away, I had this revelation:

"Watching someone covering your class is like seeing you friend(whom you've asked to help) having a good time with your girlfriend/boyfriend because you're not free to go out with her/him..."

I'll never be at a club to see another of my class being covered again...