Thursday, October 04, 2007

The week long birthday celebration

Last week was quite an eventful week. Apart from the gathering where we witness the love between 2 grown-up men, I started celebrating my birthday on Tuesday 25 Sept as I was born on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calender.

The day started pretty normal. I had an date with gf for dinner. In the afternoon, my left shoulder wasn't feeling good so I decided to go to my usual Tmn Megah place called Yee Chou for some traditional massage.

right above Secret Recipe in Tmn Megah, opp the kopitiam formerly known as The Beach

I've been to quite a few places for massage since I moved to KL, and I would say this place offers the best treatment for me, not to mention that it's not as pricey as others.

Apparently they've ventured into the slimming business

Anyhow, while being treated by one of the "sifus" from China, a couple of them were saying that it was Mid- Autumn. So, I casually mentioned that it's my birthday. Mana tahu, the big master just asked one of the fellows over there to go buy a cake to celebrate for me. I thought they were just joking... but at the end I got this:

Orange cake from Cake Sense

So there I had all of them, together with a few patients sang "Happy Birthday" for me while I sheepishly cut the cake.

The big master(on the left) with a few of his ma-chais

Definitely one of the oddest birthday celebration for me ever.

At night was supposed to go out for dinner with gf but because I was covering a class in Maxis and she was in KL, she decided to cook for me instead. So after class, I hit straight to her place for some pasta meal.

Only remembered to take pic after halfway eating

The chef enjoying her share of the pasta

THen Friday was another celebration, this time organized by the wonderful ladies of FF IOI Mall

Someone made jelly mooncakes

My favourite, Choc Banana Cake from Secret Recipe - HEAVEN!

Been rather fortunate to have good relationships with my morning/afternoon members, mostly ladies. Guess I'm a real si-lai sat sau.

thorn among the roses

The highlight of the celebration was the weekend getaway with gf to Melaka. We left Ampang after church and arrived there at around 3pm. Didn't go there for shopping, rather it was for the wonderful food.
We had a simple late lunch near Mahkota Parade(some food village) before we went serious... Portugese Village for the seafood. There were so many shops selling the same things. The moment we parked our car, we were immediately surrounded by no less than 5 people, all wanted to persuade us to patronise their respective shop.

Since we didn't know which one is good, we stayed in the car for a few minutes while I contacted my ex- colleague from PADINI. Apparently being a nonya doesn't mean you know everything about Melaka... she too didn't know which one is better.
In the end, we got out of the car and these fellas really got us even more confused. I reckon if we didn't just sit down at a table, they would continue to bombard us. So I just made a decision and sat down right in the centre.
Finally, they all went away.
We settled for no. 6 BIG BEN

With so many shops, it's really amazing how they can survive. But I have to admit, they are really fast to act the moment a car drove in.

Standing and waiting

Working like vultures

Ordered a couple of dishes and we have pics to show:

Not a lala person, but gf finished all by herself. Verdict? Very good sauce/gravy but lala not that fresh.

No comment for the kailan. After all, anyone who can go wrong with kailan ought to be put to sleep.

Not bad, though I find it a bit too sour.

You can serve me anything that's sweet, sour and spicy! My favourite...

After dinner, it was time to burn some calories going to Jonker Walk.

Not forgetting our mission in Melaka, we had some desserts.

Can't remember what gf ordered


Walking back to our vehicle, we walked pass the famous Melaka landmark.

Might as well do the tourist-y thing...

Next day we had a nice lunch in Ole Sayang before we drove back to reality.... Man, should do this(going to Melaka) more often!