Saturday, October 27, 2007

Did you know....???

1. China has 37 million more males than females

If you are a male of chinese descent living in anywhere but China, most likely you'd still get married eventually... unless you're my OCD bro.

2. China has 345,000 millionaires
As of last year, China had 345,000 millionaires, second in Asia behind the ever hardworking Japan. Not bad for a socialist country. I wonder how many millionaires we have in Malaysia?

3. China has 162 million Internet users in 2007
An increase of 30 million compared to the year before, with 20 millions bloggers. Still, the number is still small, compared to the population of 1.3 billion(2005 figure).

China's former #1

4.Chinese Money is called Renminbi (RMB) (means "People's Currency")

Some expats incorrectly calls it Renminpi (means "People's Fart").

5. The national language is known as Putonghua(the common speech)
Also known as Mandarin, which is one of the five working languages at the United Nations. Most of the 55 minority nationalities have their own languages. Cantonese is one of the local dialects of southern China. As a written language, Chinese has been used for 6,000 years.

6.China is still at war with Taiwan
At least, technically...

The little prick

7. In Chinese, "Zhong Guo" means the Middle Kingdom(not to be confused with Middle Earth)
Ancient China viewed itself as the heart of the world's civilisation.

8. In Chinese, Malaysia is sometimes called "Da Ma"
Literally, BIG HORSE...

Sabah does look like the head of a horse...

9.Total number of journalists in China: 700,000
How come we don't hear much about China then?

10. There is a place called Jing Jin
Situated between Beijing & Tian Jin.... hence the name.

And now... YOU KNOW....