Saturday, April 14, 2007


I've been asked many times before this question:

"What's a good brand to buy for running shoes?"

Though I don't profess to be an expert when it comes to shoes, I think I can share some bits of my experience with a few brands I've tried before. So today, let's start with my most favourite brand:


I bought a pair of Mizuno Phantom back in 2004. In a way, I was suckered into buying them because the guy who sold me the shoes said, "We are Asians... the structure of our feet are different from the kwai los. So it is better that we buy Asian brands like MIZUNO. It will fit us better! Some more brands like X* & Y* spend a lot of mony in marketing. So basically the money you paid for the shoes are for the cost of the sponsorships & advertisement."
(*names not disclosed as claims by the seller were not substantiated with stats & figures)

Anyhow, whether his arguments hold water or not, I was absolutely happy(emotionally) with the Mizuno Phantom. They were great in BODYCOMBAT® because they were superbly light! I was so happy with them, that I recommended them to Willie. In the end, he also bought the same shoes...

If you are into BODYATTACK® or you're just a regular jogger, Mizuno shoes would be an ideal choice.

So what's so good about Mizuno? Well, there are a few things that make Mizuno running among the best, but I'll just mention 3. Please note, all info are from their website and you can read more about their technologies there.

Mizuno Wave Technology®

Conventional midsoles use flat materials which allow deep penetration at the point of impact. The Mizuno Wave® disperses impact forces uniformly over the length and width of the midsole, providing unrivaled cushioning. The Mizuno Wave® is a biomechanically engineered midsole technology that resists overpronation, thus relieving stress on ankle and knee joints. Mizuno's unique Wave® Technology minimizes excessive midsole collapse as the foot lands and rolls medially providing superior motion control.


VS-1™ absorbs shock and enhances cushioning properties by resisting
compression-set, thus extending the cushioning life of the shoe.

Unique shock absorbing thermoplastics elastomer positioned within the highest initial impact shock areas of the heel and forefoot. Material is constructed from 70% vibration absorption material with the balance being E.V.A. and Isoprene
rubber.The combination of all the materials facilitates excellent shock
absorption, while also providing an efficient and smooth toe off. VS-1 is
lightweight and has a durable memory (returns to original shape after initial
impact) ideal for continuous force impact.

VS-1 resists compression. The durometer of VS-1 can also be adjusted i.e. Heel wedge is 55 shore C, whereas forefoot is at 40 shore C. In house test results have shown a 20% improvement in shock absorption over E.V.A.


X-10™ provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.

I'm not too sure what they claim is true or not, but Mizuno running shoes are one of the lightest shoes in the market. Unfortunately, you must know where to go in order to get them as unlike some more high profile brands, they are only available in a few places. If you are in Penang, you can try your luck in KOMTAR(can't remember the name of the independent shop I went to). Mizuno shoes are also available in most World of Sports shops & counters like:

Subang Parade
Sungei Wang
Gurney Plaza, Penang
Selected Jusco Stores

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