Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Broadway Weekend

Last Saturday I was invited to fatboy's place for another gathering. Too bad gf was away in Singapore, so I had to go alone.

Apparently it was going to be an eat-and-sing night, with special guests from Singapore, Hong Kong & Thailand. Sorry, only had pictures of Ben Tang & Leonard Koh from Singapore and not Phyllis Lee(Hong Kong) & Khun Ton(Thailand). The rest who were there were the usual people like FDI, FSI, FCI & gf, Richelle, GW, TianJin#1 & gf plus of course, the host & his wonderful wife.

As always, we started with cheese & crackers.

This time, however, we also had of "unclean food".

The main course were Ipoh Kuey Teow & Nasi Lemak, with chicken & duck. No lamb meat though...

We also had some desserts.

Were the desserts fabulous? It doesn't matter really, judging from the way the guests swarmed in like locusts.

Food was secondary to the highlight of the night....

Fatboy actually took the trouble to get the lyrics from musicals like Sunset Boulavard, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Evita, printed.... though we also broke into spontaneous rendition of songs from Disney's animated movies.

Lucky for all of us, I had recorded a bit of the singing for all to enjoy:

You're probably wondering if the overall singing were any good. Well, Teoh's expression seems to sum up the whole thing.