Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1 Month ago

As of today, "Perspiration of a Fitness Instructor" is now renamed "Perspiration of a Group Exercise Coordinator". I think it is a more suitable name as it now links to my job and the mental perspiration I have as a GXC.

About a month ago, 2 days after the IOI launch 4 of us were sent to Penang for the launch up north. The GXCs who went were Riyo, Jeremy, Eric and yours truly. We met at USJ Summit at about 8am on 2 Oct before going in my car.

It was more or less a relaxing drive, playing Family Feud on Jeremy's laptop along the way. By the time we reach Penang, it was just perfect for lunch in Mt Erskine.

Jeremy & Riyo, with my tor tau t'ng(peanut soup) on the table

Jeremy ordered pasembor

Riyo checking there was no bee in her ice kacang...

After food, we checked-in to the hotel formerly known as Crown Prince Hotel in Tanjung Bungah(can't remember the new name). There we didn't rest much as Everyone was trying to do some last minute practice.

The first launch was BODYSTEP® by Jeremy & Eric.

Up next, it was Riyo with BODYBALANCE®.

Gym member Woo with a funny pose

Downstairs, I was getting ready for the RPM™ launch with Catherine Sae-Ang - we went for BODYCOMBAT® & RPM™ trainings together back in 2004.

After RPM®, it was time for BODYPUMP® with Paul, Celia and myself. I took a pic of us after the class but somehow could find it as I blog this entry. Will try to add later.

The last launch of the day was BODYJAM®... with Riyo, Jeremy & Eric.

Eugene grooving to the beat

I took a couple of pictures and then went for a quick meal with Paul, just to catch up with him. After that, I went back to fetch the others and guess where we went? To the same kopitiam... since it was nearby.

Putting back what we'd burned that night

After a quick walk around the Batu Ferringhi pasar, I sent them back to hotel and I went home to Air Itam. By then it was already 12 plus midnight. The next day I had to wake up for an early 7am BP with Celia. Didn't take any picture but it was a good turnout for a early morning class.

What's more important, though, I had the time to go to Penang Road for CENDOL!

Again I supported the underdogs

Can't recall what I actually did the whole day, I think I went back home for sleep as well. Later I also went to Bangkok Lane in Pulau Tikus for mee goreng and wan tan soup.

yum yum...

double yum yum...

the stalls

Later, I picked up the rest and off we go to another day of launch!

BODYATTACK® kick-started with Jeremy & Alan working the members.

That's Judy in the middle

Alan & Jeremy

It was BODYPUMP® again, this time with Riyo & Brandon.

I also did another RPM™ class with Alan - no pic this time. I left right around the cooldown tracks as I had to get ready for my fav launch- BODYCOMBAT® with the twins Celia & Agnes.

Celia, me & Agnes... Or is it Agnes, me & Celia?

The building air-con wasn't working well so you can imagine how hot the studio was when we did the class. One word describe the feeling after the class - TIRED!!!

With all the work done, it was again time for the most important thing of the night.... DINNER/SUPPER. This time, I took them to Macalister Road and we really spent our time eating and gossiping discussing some stuff.

Those are Riyo's hands

Again, by the time I went home it was again way past midnight. Still didn't get to see mom though I'd been back for 2 days.

Woke up the next morning and found mom(at last!) in the kitchen. It was time to leave though, so said my goodbyes and went to fetch the others for breakfast with Kim, our counterpart in Penang. We had to leave early coz I got a class at 5.40pm & 7.30pm.

As opposed to the trip to Penang, the return trip was less noisy. I think we were all very tired. Since I was driving, I couldn't take a nap but the rest took the opportunity to slumber. One way of getting back at them for letting me drive alone is, of course, to take pictures of them sleeping - don't ask how I managed to take pictures while driving.




Too short lah the trip... will there be another launch like this in Dec? Well, I will be in Penang end of Dec on leave, so it won't be a problem for me to do it again.