Friday, June 17, 2005

Please support me!

If you have been visitng this blog regularly, you would notice that now there is a google ad at the bottom of the right colomn. If any of the ad suits you, do click it and help me raise fund for my wedding dinner. Times are hard- everyone's gotta do something to make ends meet.

To answer Leslie's question, YES THERE ARE COMPETITIONS FOR BLOGGERS. The one that Jeff Ooi won is a international award. In the local scene, we have the Project Petaling Street's PPS 2nd Anniversary Awards. And the nominees are:

PPS awards nominees list

So if you are a member of PPS, do cast your votes for whoever you think is the best in the respective catagories. Even if you cannot vote, do go there to take a look at the nominees' blog because I think most of them are fantastic. The dateline,though, is today 17 June 2005. I'll be cheering for Kenny Sia!


Thanks to my blog on the sarong pary girl story, I've been getting a lot of visitors from Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Apparently many have typed "sarong party girl" under Yahoo! search engine and found me instead. How disappointing! Well guys, I have got more bad news for you: according to Jeff Ooi, she has removed the nude picture from her blog.

I wonder how many people will visit me this time for mentioning her in my blog?

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Simon said...

maybe you can try posting your own 'photo' here...! :)