Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Law and order

I'll try to be not to philosophical about the theft of my bike and try to move on with life. Thanks for all your concerns; for the time being, my eldest bro is kind enough to lend me his Ploton while I wait for my car to arrive.

This is my first time lodging a police report other than vehicle accidents, and- to be honest- it's kind of a hassle. First, I went to the Kepong station to make my report at around 11am. After that, I had to go to the Sentul station(Kepong falls under daerah Sentul) to see the officer handling the report. It's ridiculous really that I had to travel about 20-30 minutes from my home to do that, and not that the officer asked anything more than what I wrote in my report... oh wait, he did ask one couple of questions:

"Ada security guard ah?"

"Security guard orang asing ke atau..."

Basically nothing much happened- it was like a casual conversation with him and a total waste of time. No wonder people dread making police reports, as if it is not stressful enough to lose something. What I don't understand is why I couldn't do everything in the nearest police station and then the officers there simply just submit my report to the Sentul station. Talking about being efficient...

At the cinema


Last weekend, we went to watch Mr & Mrs Smith at the new GSC cineplex at 1 Utama(that's right, 1U now has both TGV and GSC)- we had been planning to watch it for that last 3 weeks but could only managed to make it on time for it this Saturday(Last 2 Saturdays we had to settle for Madagascar and Batman Begins respectively). While waiting for the cinema to be ready, I couldn't resist taking some pictures with my gf's mobile phone.

Before the cinema was ready, you could see from the picture above that people were already waiting outside. Do remember that we are talking about people with tickets that had their seat numbers on it ya....

Green means go!

The moment the cinema indicator went green, this is what happened...

Rush hour on Federal Highway

Keep moving

Moving ahead

Why do people rush into a cinema? It's not free sitting and no matter what, you'll get whatever seat you paid for. It's just so kiasu!!!

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