Thursday, January 27, 2005

The first time....

Every year in January, everyone talks about having a new beginning. I think I've been talking about it as well for the last 20 years or something. But this year marks a real new beginning for me:

1. I've moved from the beautiful island of Penang to the complicated city of Kuala Lumpur.

2. I've got a Penang-born girl who is working in the Klang Valley.

3. I'm doing a part-time job as a fitness instructor at this renown gym.

4. Because of (2), I am beginning to think about managing my finances in a more effective way, so that I can get a house(or to be more realistic, an apartment), make my proposal, and get married.

How well will I live in KL? God knows. I'm staying with my brother who's so paranoid about maintaining the cleanliness of his apartment, that he vacuums his place almost EVERYDAY. And I'm not one whom you would consider a tidy person...*sigh*

Why am I doing this blog by the way?

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