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Interview: Cast of Adam The Musical - Miaw

Ok, it's time to promote the show I'm involved in.

I haven't done an interview for a while and I thought this is probably a good chance to do it again. Today's feature is our youngest cast member of Adam the Musical - Miaw!

Miaw is so young that she just got her driving license and she currently studies at a local college and will probably be going off to Australia by the end of the year.

What motivated you to be involved in performance arts?

I joined a drama club when I was 8 years old. It's a long story. 

According to my mum, on the 1st day of joining Drama Club, Madam Song Mee Lan (Our Drama Teacher) and us were dancing, many parents were outside the classroom peeking on their child (my mum wasn't there, cause I'm not being pampered.) 

Those parents took notice of me, and they told my mum, "Wow, your daughter is good. First time joining the class?" 

Mum:"Ahh.. Yes. Just wanted to let her try something out." 

Kids' Parents:"Ehh, You should let you daughter join some performing classes or something le.. She's good." 

Mum:"Ahh.. No larh.. Just let her having some fun." 

So, that's when she started considering to send me to drama class, singing classes, dancing classes and also various competition and performances. Since then, I felt that I'm in love with the stage. I love to perform just to entertain but not to show off. I never experience stage fright during performance BUT I will have butterflies in my stomach during audition and competition.

Also, involving in Kaki Blue the musical, made me felt in love with the spot lights. It was my first time to experience the spot lights on me. It felt woah.. It's beyond words. It's so bright like a star and you can't even see the audience. Basically, it's something like that. x)

I can't even remember what I ate over the weekend... how come you can still remember your teacher's name?

Erm.. Oh well, cause I've known her for years. So it's impossible for me not to remember my teacher's name. Hehe.. Besides, she was quite famous over the days as a news reader. =)

WHat was your first production?

My first production.. Hmm.. I think it's Kaki Blue The Musical which went on Last year 2009.... unless you consider the recording of MTV for chinese new year songs is a production. Personally, I don't think it is counted as a Production. Haha.. =D

How was Joe Hasham like in Kaki Blue?

Joe Hasham hasn't change much since the last production I'd worked with him. Oh! Except the new thing about him, He uses the bell, which I find it tiny bit annoying. (Shh.. Don't tell him XD) 

I personally think that he was slightly more strict during Kaki Blue. I'm not sure, probably this time around I got used to the way he handle things? =) Anyway, he LOVES to say this "I throw you out the balcony." Haha.. 

Now come to the serious part of the Director. I really really respect him as a director. I NEVER DONE ACTING before Kaki Blue. But because of his guidance, and the things he said, I finally done acting! Oh well, not very good, but acceptable I suppose. 

Joe Hasham said:"Acting is reacting. This is because you are reacting towards each other. And it comes from the inside, Feel it inside you. Every action has its reason behind it." Though these are simple sentences but I find it hard to achieve. Probably I'm not mature yet or something. But he guided me through the high mountains, and I don't regret with my performances in Kaki Blue as a beginner. 

Another thing amazing about Joe Hasham is he gives you the space of creativity to do your own acting. For example, acting as an old lady, You can choose to act as a happy go lucky old lady or you can choose to act as an old lady that always got worried about everything, AS LONG AS IT'S LOGIC TO THE STORY. Yeappy Yeap. You heard it.

What song did you sing and what monologue you did for the audition?

I sang Shining Friends from 2R during the audition. I googled the monologue I did. But I didn't manage to do my monologue cause when I started my first 3 words, Joe said:" Okay thank you. Now please go back to your seat." and I was like. O____O Scared the hell out of me. @_@

I remember you mentioned that you are in this not because of money... can I have your pay then?
Oh well, in your dreams that you can have my pay. =D Haha.. You should know that the transportation fee is not cheap. =)

What have you learnt from this musical practice so far?

What have I learnt from this musical practice so far.. Hmm.. Quite alot I suppose. But all of them are more of like a reminder in life to me.
For example, when you sing, relax, don't get too tensed. Look at the pink paper.. etc.. =)

If there's one thing you want the audience to learn from the musical, what would it be? 
I will want them to understand how the AIDS patients think and feel. Besides, I will want them to learn not to criticise other people or look down at other people no matter what.

Thanks for the time, Miaw. I believe she's still single and available. Anyone interested, please leave a message and I'll try to hook you up with her.

ADAM THE MUSICAL will be staged from 12 May - 20 June at the Actors Studio @ Lot 10 Rooftop. For more info, please visit The Actors Studio.

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