Thursday, July 02, 2009


One thing I hear a lot since started working is the word "TEAMBUILDING". It may sound like a positive thing where the department spend some time to do some activity to improve on the teamwork amongst the staff, but sometimes I feel that if a company/department needs teambuilding to this be function better, then perhaps there's something wrong in the group.

Over the last few years, I have my fair share of teambuilding experience. Some were just so-so, while a few were real great time together. One thing I notice, however, that will ultimately make the teambuilding activity a success... the attitude of the participants. Because only if everyone can start to think less of themselves and more of the team, the teambuilding activity would not do much good at all. So what if you tried to play some games to build the highest tower, the longer line when after that, things never change at the workplace?

Honestly, sometimes I feel those pre-planned teambuilding activities are over-rated. If each member of the team shows more concerns about the whole team than what he/she is going to get out of the work, the whole organization would function better already.

Doing those ad-hoc thing like going for lunch together, watching movie, go karaoke may sometimes be better teambuilding activities:)