Monday, March 30, 2009

One of the reasons I've not been blogging...

In case you didn't know, I just got married 2 Saturdays ago. And honestly, the whole ceremony and dinner were anything but conventional.

For starters, there's no customary "cip san leong". Instead it was just the best man Leslie and I going to her parents' place to fetch her and her sister.

the Looi clan with the Bentley!

Setting off to get my maiden

If you're wondering why we were dressed in such a manner, coz the wedding's theme is musical. So we decided to dress up ala the 60's like the movie Grease. Thank God I bought my uni jacket and finally put it to good use. :)

We were quite early because there's no obstacle and stuff to overcome. So what to do? Camwhoring!

Just when I thought everything was well taken care of, just as we were about to reach church that I realised I forgot to bring 2 very important things:

1) My shoes

2) The 2 wireless mic for the dinner

While The bride and the bridesmaid get their make up done, Leslie and I were rushing back to my place in his gf's car. It was quite an anxious moment as the traffic on MRR2 was horrendous as always. I was worried that I might be late for my own wedding!!

Fortunately, we still managed to get back to church at about 45 mins before the ceremony- pity Leslie didn't get the time to do his hair. So we just quickly changed into our clothes and got YH's hairsytlist to comb our hair.

All set to go

Ceremony was slightly delayed because my family thought my wedding was at 5.30pm. At about 4.30pm they were still in Kepong and it would take about 20 mins to drive to Ampang on a good day!! Arrgghhh...

Somehow, they all arrived just slightly over 5pm and we started the ceremony at about 5.15pm.

Father-in-law passing her hand to me

Ceremony was sweet with Rev Ronnie Chin of Revival Centre Kuala Lumpur sharing a simple message before proceeding to the vow. We had signed our marriage certificate the day before so the ceremony was even shorter compared to the ones I used to attend back in Penang Christian Centre.

"With this ring...."

Mr & Mrs Shades walking out to the song "True To Your Heart" from the movie "Mulan"

Looi clan photo with my uncle's family joining in

With friends from Penang

Dinner was at 7.00pm which was at Kelab Darul Ehsan. I had a difficult time deciding who to invite to the wedding and eventually settled for the GXMs, GXIs and the freelance instructors I consider close comrades.

6 of these people can collectively teach 9 programmes in club

My sis Hilda who's working in Beijing's Westin

My 26-yr-old nephew Daryl serving tea to his new aunt

The first part of the dinner was quite straight forward with only a duet "A Whole New World" which was preceded by a opening video.

Halfway, we had the speech time and both of us sang out our respective speeches- Me singing "Part of that World" and YH with Fergie's "Finally".

Then came the fun part- the first dance.

We started nicely with Rod Stewart's jazzy "Till There Was You"...

...which ended abruptly before Grease's "You're the one that I want" took over. The whole thing was supposed to be cheesey, so we just had fun with the song.

Shaking that shimmy, baby!

Before the end of the night, we came out again with another performance - Grease's "We Go Together".

Waving goodbye to everyone as we finish the dance and proceed to the exit to thank everyone as they leave the place

So unlike other wedding dinner where you sit down and watch some dance or listen to songs by professionals, here you get entertained by the bride and groom. What to do... we're cheap We just like the attention so much we just want something different for our guests to remember our special moment.

Picture with my ex-colleagues from my first job in Padini after graduation

With the GX people

With the matchmaker Zen

Honestly it was kinda fun doing all those things for my wedding. Before the actual day, part of me did not feel like doing the performances but the other part of me was saying "this is the ONLY time you get to do it" I'm glad we did it though it was tiring and we didn't get to eat much.
Looking forward to our honeymoon this Saturday!!!!