Thursday, November 06, 2008

GX-PT Endurance Challenge

Last night, IOI Mall had a rare event of seeing GX & Fitness Department working together to conduct a class for the members.

Calling it "ENDURANCE CHALLENGE", we wanted to do something different instead of the usual GX classes. As running the class will require a lot of space, we were estimating around 20 people to participate.

And we were happy to see 18 people stepping forward to try this new thing, out of which we had 6 members who usually come in the morning to lend support.

Members gathering

Briefing session

Dividing them into 6 teams, the briefing took about 20 min to explain how the challenge works. Once everyone is clear, we got the challenge started at about 9pm.

Komathi counting the squats for 1 team

The biceps/triceps station

Bench pressing as a team

Basically each team will have to stay in a station for 5 minutes before moving to the next station

More squat moments

The push ups were a tough time for the guys as they had to do it on their toes

Though we only had to watch the members' form and technique, the FIs and I really got excited with the whole challenge that we shouted and motivated them as much as we could.

All in all, the challenge lasted only about 30 minutes, I think it was the longest 30 minutes in their lives. One of the members managed to burn 361 calories during the 30 minute workout!

Celebrating the success

GX-PT collaboration

It was interesting to do and fun to watch the members participating. Maybe we can do this more often...

One more challenge coming up 0n 19 Nov 2008!!