Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wedding #3 in 3 weeks

Seems like people just like to get married at the end of the year- I've attended 3 weddings in as many weeks. The last one was last Saturday in Penang. This one I was involved as one of the "heng tais" and also the MC for the wedding dinner.

The person getting married was Danny Chen, my church buddy whom I've known half of my life. In fact, I got to know him a couple of months before his whole family came to Penang Christian Centre- we were classmates in 1991.

Anyhow, had to wake up early on Sat morning and be at his place by 6.45am. Had a bit of breakfast and somehow we only went to pick up the bride Su Yin around 8.15am.

The entourage getting ready to leave house

The groom

The best man, Leslie, who's getting married in Sept 2009

This is Willie, also Best Man, and the groom's brother.

Four of us are quite close and Willie is the only one who's still single. He lamented that by the end of 2009, all his friends would all be married.... poor boy!

(anyone out there interested to help him? He's quite good with computers and has Australian PR status.)

2 best men means 2 vehicles

As Penang is a small place, we reached Gelugor from Tanjung Bungah in around 20 mins. It was drizzling a bit by the time we reach the bride's place.

As usual, the heng tais have to help the groom to overcome a few challenges from the bride's "SISTAS" before we could get the bride....

Disposable undies with alphabets...

Apparently we're supposed to spell the name of a place in Sarawak where the bride studied

Fortunately Danny knew the place and that one was done.

Groom had to sort out which are the bride's stuff

Overall the challenges were quite easy- in fact, Leslie managed to get one of the sistas to open the front door with an ang pow containing merely 99 SEN!!!!

Now that's value for money!!! Sista, next time remember to check the content first!!!!

Anyhow, the last obstacle was the door of the bedroom, We tried to push in but were blocked by the 2 bridesmaids.

"OK, heng tais... Do your thing..."

So the groom decided to take a nap....


... while the heng tais did the dirty job and pushed....


...and pushed....


... and pushed...


.... still pushing...


Unfortunately for us, we all forgot to take off our socks so the ground was too slippery for us to force our way in. At the end, the best men had to give their ang pows before the door was finally opened....

"Why your heng tais all so lembik wan?"

After much commotion, finally the task was accomplished.

Next stop: CHURCH!!!

Church ceremony was a simple one with about 100 people attending the ceremony.

Gracie(on the left) was the one who took the 99 sen ang pow and opened the front entrance for us

(from L-R)Rev. Isaac Chan, Danny, Wille and Leslie

Here comes the bride

Waiting for the moment to make their vows

Forgot to mention that beside the heng tai and the MC thingy, I was also asked by Danny to be one of the witnesses for their marriage certificates.

Putting my signature on the certificates

Willie sang a song while we were signing the certificates

After the exchange of vows, the signing of the certificates....

Ladies and gentlemen... Mr & Mrs Danny Chen

Leslie and the future Mrs Yim

photoshoot with the couple

The good ol' funny shot

Dinner was held at City Bayview Hotel. There were 46 tables - he invited quite a lot of church people actually.

Nonya and Ah Beng

Strike a pose!

Overall dinner was a nice time of catching up with old church friends. Our table was actually outside the hall and so we could basically talk about anything and laughed as loud as we could. No one near us- except maybe the other table which was outside the main hall with us.

I enjoyed hosting the dinner as I know about half of those invited. It's good to be able to be part of Danny's wedding and I look forward to hosting Leslie's in September. But first, priority is my own....

3 couples with 2 single guys

Congratulations again Danny & Su Yin.... may you have a beautiful & blissful marriage, "white hair till old" and "every year one expensive son"!!