Sunday, August 10, 2008

GX Teambuilding

Fri morning, all the GXMs met at Menara Manulife for our first ever teambuilding outing since April 2006. Interestingly, my first day at work as GXC in April was going to Sunway Lagoon with the team.

This time, however, it's not a one-day activity. Instead, we were going to Sekeping Serendah for 3 days!

All charged up for our 3-day trip!

Had our brunch nearby Manulife before driving there in 3 cars. The journey wasn't that long as Serendah is just right after Rawang. We reached there around 2 or 3pm and honestly speaking, I think most of us were sort of let down by the lack of activities within the area. Only thing that you can do in the area was swimming in a small swimming pool. The place is right in the middle of the jungle and with almost NO mobile phone connection - the only area to have a bit of connection is somewhere near the main entrance. Because of that, it's a great place to unwind because we were uncontactable by clubs and instructors for 3 days.

After a while once we've settled in, a couple of us managed to go swimming and later played "TABOO" together.

Jason playing while Eric making sure he didn't use the forbidden word, while I acted as the timekeeper

Playing poker using sweets as chips

The first night went without much action. The next morning after breakfast, we walked to the nearby waterfall for another swim.

Imaging us walking slowly ala John Woo movies

It was a short time but I believe we all had a lot of fun there.

The golden couple of FF GX

Afternoon, a couple of us drove out to Rawang to do some shopping for drinks/food for the night's BBQ. BBQ was ok, with Jackson acting as our chief cook. Everyone finished food and get back to our rooms to prepare for the highlight of the trip - TRUTH OR DARE with tequila shots.

The rule of the game was very simple: WHATEVER IS REVEALED/DONE STAYS AT THE SITE. Therefore, no pictures or stories to share from that. The whole thing finished around 1-2am. Most of us went to sleep after that but I stayed up chatting with Nick Heng and Sam. Just as I was to go to sleep around 3am, Aubrey came over asking for road direction out to seek treatment as Janis was stung by a bee on her arm. So I followed Janis and Aubrey out with Jackson driving. Fortunately, the 24 hour clinic was very nearby. Came back around 3.30am and went to sleep immediately.

Sunday morning was all about packing and getting ready to leave. Food was prepared by Sharon(I think) and it's good that we have 2 people and Jackson and Sharon who seem very comfortable with the kitchen stuff.

Teoh killing a leech with a mosquito repellent right before we left the place

Left the place around 11 plus and we finally went to Rawang for lunch at Kedai Ikan Talapia Lan Jie, recommended by Jackson's ex-colleague, before heading home.

Overall it was a good rest for me. As far as getting to know one other, I've managed to find out a few things that I was always curious to know and also help to give some feedbacks to a young GXMs to improve his club performance. And at Serendah, there was no NGXM or GXMs- just a bunch of friends having fun.

Except for the timber house(which was hot when the sun comes out), the glass & mud houses were quite cosy the whole day as there were shaded by the surrounding trees. Surprisingly, the place doesn't have a lot of mosquitoes. At night it can be very cold. If you are looking for activity-filled holidays, then this place is definitely not for you. Otherwise, it is a great place to unwind and it's less than 1 hour's drive from KL.

One for the album

Thanks for the experience!