Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marié Digby LIVE!

Marié Christina Digby was in town for a small concert. Since Gf is such a big admirer of her talents, we decided to go there for see her performance. Besides, it's all free.

I was there kinda early and the place was empty. Gf came later and we went for dinner at Delicious. By the time we finished dinner at about 7pm, there were a lot of people crowding together already.

More and more people came and we even had the TV stations and local celebreties joining the fan craze also.

From TV2

Cheryl Samad with a few fans

The show was supposed to start at 8pm but by the time the two DJs from Mixx FM came out, it was already 8.15pm

Still no signs of Marié Digby. Mixx FM brought out three contestants to compete who can sing the best version of "Say It Again". Just as the first contestant, a 12-yr-old girl, was about to sing, she finally appeared from the back of the stage and the crowd went NUTS!!!!!
She took a seat off the stage because she wanted to hear the renditions of her song. Anyhow, the girl did well, followed by a guy and another lady. It was quite obvious the crowd were all the way behind the little girl. The guy screwed up big time for being the only one with the lyrics on a paper and STILL forgot the words!

The crowd were asked to judged who should the winner should be and get an autographed guitar. We were asked to cheer for whoever we want to. The lady got an ok response while the guy got loads of "boos"(from mostly male fans) for messing up the songs. Just like our election- we're not afraid to tell him what we think of his singing. The winner of course was our cute little girl. Then each of the contestants got a hug from Marié and again we boos our lungs off when the male contestant got his hug.
Thought we would finally get Marié Digby but it was Accoustis 39(hope I got the name right), our Malaysian which came in second in an online competition to find the best cover version of "Say It Again".

Didn't think much of them till they started singing... darn they're good with the harmonising!!!

At last, after waiting for almost 2 hours, we finally got what we came for....

She started with "Say It Again" before going to the electronic piano to do "Stupid For You". In betweens her songs, she would share a bit of what the song was about and it was kinda cool just having her playing with the guy on electric guitar.

Can't recall how many songs she sang but the fans totally ate up everything she had to offer. The biggest reaction came at the end when she did the song that made her famous on youtube.

The dude in front of me got so excited, the moment she started the first line, he just took out his umbrella and did this:

swinging the umbrella to the beat

Darn, if only I had thought of bringing umbrellas - I have 2 inside my car.

With the end of the concert, the crowd began to rush to the GAP store where she going to sign her autograph on the CDs.
In spite of me rushing, there was already a long queue- apparently they were lining up when she was still singing!

So gf and I duely too our spot and waited for our turn to get her autograph on the CD which I bought earlier at RM38.

The poster that came with the CD

While gf was queing, I decided to walk ahead to take some pictures... then I saw someone familiar...

Can you spot him?

Certifiable Steve of fatboybakes!

So I try to use my charm and asked him to help to get the autograph for me. He grudgingly obliged...

Gf and I continued in our queue, just in case the organizers decided to allow only 1 autograph per person. The scene got a bit out of control halfway with typical malaysians cutting queues. Fortunately for us, the head of security intervened and got the people to go to the end of the queue.
Thank you sir!

"All this can be handled easily... just like picking my nose"

True enough, despite Certifiable Steve's gallant effort, the powers-that-be only allowed 1 autograph and we continued with the queue.

Gf was getting tired so I continued in the queue to get the autograph. Thanks for the security's help the traffic was very smooth and soon it was my turn.

the gorgeous Marié Digby of jap-irish descent

Quite sure she's very tired as well, yet she still managed to smile at us

And so I got the autographed CD for Gf and she can strike it out of her wish list.
What did I get in return for all the effort?

A picture with a gym fan. *sigh*