Friday, March 07, 2008

I will be a responsible citizen this weekend

I'm taking the Fri morning bus with OCD, going back to Penang for the election. Looking forward to the opportunity to cast my vote for the 2nd time.

Who will I vote for AGAIN?


Not telling!!

However, I can tell you that I'll keep my Penang voting rights even after I get a permanent home in KL/PJ. Why? Coz it's more fun to vote in Penang... You know for sure in KL/PJ, it is kinda predictable how the election would go. But in Penang, anything can and will happen!!!

For example, 1990 Lim Kit Siang knocked Tun Lim Chong Eu out and DAP almost gained control of the Penang State Assembly. The following election, Lim Kit Siang came up with his ROBOCOP election campaign symbol which backfired and the votes shifted to the BN. 1999 was bad election for DAP again after Penangites punished DAP for working with PAS. In 2004, DAP sort of did a lot better in spite of the overwhelming support for the then new PM Pak Lah.

What's gonna happen this time round?