Thursday, November 22, 2007


Towards the end of the year, a lot of people would just get married.... And so, 2 Sundays ago I had the pleasure of attending one grand wedding in Hilton KL. Who got married? My ex-colleague from my first job after graduation in Padini.

the reception

Honestly speaking, I usually not that excited about attending weddings but this one is different. It's the opportunity to catch up with my former team mates, some I have not met since 2000. Another reason also this wedding can be considered a diva's wedding, and the diva is the groom John.

John's family runs a business called New Convox. If you have never heard of the name, it's ok... chances are you have used stuffs supplied by his company, especially if you patron places like Secret Recipe - almost everything there is from New Convox. The chairs, tables, knives, spoons, plates etc.

the main table

Apparently couples are too busy on their own wedding night to take pictures with the guests. So, as a replacement....

cardboard stand-ins

The wedding was supposed to start at 8pm but we started around 8.30pm, quite early for a chinese wedding.

This is quite a big wedding with 70 tables. John invited his relatives, uni mates, ex-colleagues(which are only the Padini table people), other friends, company staffs, and business partners.


Guess what we got as souvenirs from the wedding?

plates for you to bring home...

The initials... John & Fern Fern

This is one the rare occassions where the groom upstaged the bride. Usually the bride would change clothes a couple of times during the dinner, but this one John also changed his clothes to match his wife's.

the grand entrance

Anyone who knows John would say that he likes to talk. So having a wedding dinner is not a reason to stop talking....

"Thank you for coming..."

Food was good. After all, John is quite fussy about food- you'll never see John in a restaurant where the food sucks.

shark's fin soup in a pumpkin

One of the highlights was a video presentation of how much effort they took to take the wedding photos. For this, John flew an entire team to Langkawi Four Seasons Hotelfor three days... taking more than 1,000 pictures... talk about too much free time

The flight... looking like celebrities, complete with sunglasses

Most of the time, it was just chatting with my ex-colleagues about the good ol' times in Padini, sometimes sharing our funny moments with John.

eating prawns without getting your hands dirty

The last time I saw Annie was a couple of months back at the Curve and just had a small talk. I'd not seen her since she left Padini in 2000. Now she runs her own boutique in Cheras, with also a blog to sell her items online. Ladies, check out Pandora Gallery & Boutique.

Jojoe got married in Nov 2004 and is now a proud mother of 2. The first time I saw her was when she joined us to party at Bali(not the island but the old disco in Sunway). She was such a party animal back then! Still can't imagine her as a mother.

Annie, me & Jojoe

Met Alex in Singapore early this year when gf & I went to see The Phantom of the Opera. He's getting married too next month in Singapore... still undecided whether to attend his wedding down south or not. Was colleagues with him twice, first in Padini and later Giordano.

Alex and his fiance, Karen

Sim Jeng and wife Lisa(still in Padini) came late, as this dinner was their third one that night.

(clockwise from left to right)Karen, Alex, Eddie(Theng Theng's hubby), Theng Theng, Magic, someone I dunno who, Sim Jeng, Lisa, Annie, gf, me

If any of us in the picture looks familiar to you, it's probably we have served you before when you were shopping for clothes. We are among the 20 or so fresh graduates recruited by Padini in 1999 to set up the new brand PDI. I had a hand in setting up PDI outlets in Island Plaza, Kinta City, 1 Utama, Mid Valley, Bukit Raja, Mahkota Parade, JB City Square Padini Concept store. I also managed the Mid Valley outlet for 3 months when the outlet first opened.
Together with my current job, my time in PDI is one of the most fun-filled time of my working career. Being young and hip, we sometimes closed our shops at 10pm and then all went straight to clubbing. We had this bond as freshies with so many new things to experience in the working world, it was very good to meet up again after such a long time. Great, more people to invite should I get marriedHope there'll be more opportunities to meet like this...