Thursday, December 21, 2006

Back to the toilet

For the past few days, I have grown very intimate with the toilets at home and the gym.

my new best friend

I started feeling unwell on Sunday morning- I suspect it must be the food from our GX Party the night before. Dunno exactly what food caused it, but I suspect it's the fishballs from Cheng.
Anyhow, the diarrhoea lasted 4 days... that's a lot of water lost during the period. Even my club general manager didn't see me for 5 days said that I lost weight!!
Went to clinic twice and twice the medication prescrbed didn't work. So yesterday evening before the BODYATTACK® launch in Menara Axis, I got myself carbon pills instead. Took them less than 30 min to stop everything from pooping out. I've not felt so relieved for such a long time.
Was still tired and almost couldn't complete the class.... but eventually I got better. I even got back my appetite. So last night, I ate a lot.... maybe a bit too much till I got indigestion. Only slept at about 2.30am because of that...

3 days before I balik kampung!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!