Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heroes & Villains of Fitness First

OK, this is a bit basi already but still worth showcasing....

19 Jan Saturday, All the FF clubs in KL closed early at 5pm and then congregated at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre for our annual dinner themed HEROES & VILLAINS.

Here are some characters that turned up...

Chieftain of The Curve

Some anime or video character right?

The Punisher with his squad

Me hanging out with my good friend Obi Wan and Neo

IOI Team

Island Plaza Team

(L-R)Count, Grim Reaper, Sandman and some Zombie dude

Freddy vs The Devil

The Wolfman and The Incredible Hulk have been friends for a while

Apparently Legolas is a chick magnet

The pirate ladies of IOI Mall

Lyn, what is your character's name?

That's how a man should look like dressing up as a woman

IOI Mall again

Jack is back!

With Captain Jack Sparrow around, it's not surprising to see Captain Davy Jones too

Angels eating healthy salads to stay in shape

King Tut has awaken and he is hungry

Superman has not been working out lately, still trying his charm on Cruella de Vil

Queen Amidala

We have a new Wonder Woman now

One last pic of the IOI team

Angels' final pose


The Force from DU

And now, we bring you our 5 finalists for Best Dressed Male Catagory:

Enter the Sandman!

The Klingon Worf!

The Incredible Hulk!

Got too excited and lost his head

Remember, remember, the fifth of November...

Come over to the dark side...

Having a bit of "Enchanted" moment

Your winner is...

Who's your daddy?

Best dressed females nominees...

Xena, DU Warrior Princess


Another Xena, with the MC Mr Incredible

Cruella de Vil

Wonder Woman

The female catagory was won by Cruella De Vil.

Overall it was a fun night where we all get to be someone else. Hopefully next year will be more fun....